Sales Activator Elite™

Turning top
performers into
leaders in their field

  • How do you stretch and challenge your top performers?

  • Once they’ve mastered the fundamentals of selling, how do you get them to the next level – becoming a trusted advisor to customers with a ‘challenger’ mindset?

  • How do you develop grace under fire in any situation?

Sales Activator Elite™ is the only training programme developed specifically to turn top performers into leaders – either leaders in their field or leaders of talent. Uniquely designed to enhance professional presence (the most vital quality of an exceptional salesperson), the Elite™ programme is founded on three core elements: the SAFE model of presentation, learning in simulated high-pressure environments and careful tracking of progress.

Knowledge and skills are the foundation and intermediate levels of sales. But the top level – how you come across – is vastly more important. In terms of your output, what you know accounts for only about 20% and what you do accounts for only about 10%. But who you are accounts for about 70%. This shows that knowledge and skills are only valuable if you have the gravitas and authenticity to truly captivate your audience.

SAFE Model

delivered in partnership with Arcadia Consulting

the 4 key elements of professional presence

Learn how to structure your message so it lands both rationally and emotionally. Master any format including email, face-to-face discussions, presentations, presentations and high-pressure C-Suite situations.

Understand your communication style and learn how to adapt it to suit your audience.

State management
Learn how to remain poised and in control in any situation.

Learn how to use facial expressions, hand gestures and other elements of body language effectively.

Simulated environments

Build real-world confidence

Delegates practice developing poise in different stressful scenarios, including 1-1 conversations, roundtable discussions, high-pressure C-suite situations, sales presentations and more. Rather than classroom learning or theory, this part of the programme focuses on real-life behaviour and practice.

Progress tracking

Detailed analyses for review and development

Trainees’ strengths and weakness are evaluated from the very beginning of the programme, and improvement is carefully monitored throughout. Afterwards, trainees and senior management receive a detailed report with deep insight into their presentation skills for further review and development.



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